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Recently I had to have lower back surgery and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I experienced an enormous amount of pain after surgery, and I still have pain in my lower back and to top it off I have chronic deep tissue pain from Fibromyalgia. After seeing my mom struggle with severe shooting, sharp, throbbing pain and experiencing heat on the area after having knee replacement surgery, I decided I would start developing a salve that could penetrate the tissue and relieve pain. If you are dealing with deep tissue pain, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, recently have had surgery, or experience soreness due to physical workouts. Try my new CBD Essential oil infused salve to help with pain and muscle stiffness. “I am not a doctor, and I do not claim that my salve will cure you.” I do claim it work for hours.

If you are dealing with pain, try my topical salve CPR = Cristal’s Pain Relief.

Why Cristal Scents?

My name is Cristal. I’ve made it my mission to researching and developing the very best natural products to help soothe and ease away stress, pain, and worries. Rest assured that my products have been created with love and healing in my heart, adjusted and crafted over and over with the end result being the very best and most effective mixture of high quality natural ingredients available.

A little about CPR…

Cristal Scents is designed to deliver our CBD Isolate CBD oil through your skin to your body. It has a pleasant aroma thanks to the addition of Lavender, Tea Tree, and other essential oils.

How to use: 

Use a dime size amount four times a day every day.

Rub into your skin to penetrate your muscles and sore joints

Wash hands right after use to avoid burning of the eyes

You can use more often if you like by adding this to your daily regimen

Slogan: CBD = Change for Pain!

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