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The Power of Essential Oils

CPR to the rescue!

Why choose Cristal’s Pain Relief?

100% All Natural ingredients. I have crafted the perfect blend of potent essential oils and CBD oil to create a deep relief salve that not only soothes your senses with its aroma, but can also relieve a wide range of aches and pains. See the testimonials from our customers! Visit our shop page for samples and orders.

100% Pure Essential Oil Blends

Each ingredient is selectively chosen for its healing properties,

blended with one another to create a concoction of powerful relief and soothing elements.

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“CristalScents is amazing. Having recently had knee replacement, CristalScents has been absolutely wonderful.  After applying CristalScents it takes only a few minutes to feel the relief.  It works great for me and I use it daily four times a day. I suggest anyone who is undergoing surgery, or who stays in constant pain, give it a rub with CristalScents.  Thank God for my daughter Cristal, who spent endless hours time and patience for coming up with a solution to my agonizing pain.  This smooth and soothing ointment had truly relieved my pain. I am not just saying this because she is my daughter.  I also have Lupus and Fribroyalgia and I can tell you that this has given my muscles and joint tremendous relief.  Thank you Cristal for caring about me and creating CristalScents.  I hope others will try this and feel the same way as I do.”

“I met Cristal through my profession a few months ago. When we initially met, I told her about my aches and pains… because that’s how I am. Nevertheless, she was ready to help me after hearing my story. Cristal returned within the next day to gift me with this medicated essential oil balm. I quickly rubbed it on and minutes later I discovered, IT WAS AMAZING! When I got home that same day I ran to my moms room, who has neck pain herself and rubbed it on her as well. Within 5 minutes my mom was back, wanting more rubs of this balm! Nothing beats a homemade product, made with love. ”

Erin G.

“Glad to say this product works. Was having severe knee pain in both knees. Used the salve which provided relief. She makes specifically for your needs. Great job.”

Michelle B.

“I used this on my aunt one time to soothe her arthritis and lower back pain and she says she is receiving relief after applying and rubbing it in for ten minutes.”

Lisa H.

“My 77 year-old mother recently fractured her humerus and has been in a lot of pain. By using your oils with a hot compress as a treatment she was able to be pain free for 4 hours . A wonderful holistic approach to pain management.”

Laurene Lopez
“For a year I have been suffering with elbow pain. I used different ointments to relieve the pain and nothing worked. However, when I tried Cristal Scents CBD oil, the pain went away within the hour I started using it. I have found exactly the relief I was looking for.”
C. Davis
“I have constant knee pain which I have experienced for many years. After trying different products and receiving no pain relief, I just gave up and thought, I guess I will have to deal with the pain for the rest of my life…but recently my husband introduced me to Cristal Scents CBD oil. I have to say, I was skeptical at first but when I tried it, the pain went away quickly. Now, I can’t do without this product!”
K. Roman

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